AGOD Ecosystem

AGOD Ecosystem
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White Papers

Our White papers are still shown in the Medium platform, this is not our final version. We are in the process of updating them. Once finalized they will be officially published on our site for download.


The world is constantly evolving; we have seen major technological advances in both web3.0 and blockchain. This new technology includes smart contract applications, AI interactions, and even more decentralized financial applications.

With our share of investments in various crypto projects, we have gained the right knowledge and share the same synergy to create the ecosystem we’ve been looking for, one where you are able to invest in and allows you to diversify your investment among the various platforms that conform it.

AGOD Ecosystem is backed by real world assets, granting a more sustainable financial platform for users to invest. Our fellow Agoders will have the power to choose from different types of benefits. Whether you are interested in fast returns or expanding your passive income, or even long-term investments: the AGOD ecosystem has the structure and capacity to offer all of these alternatives.

Starting with the core of the ecosystem, the AGOD token which will serve as the pillar token, granting you access and unity among the entire ecosystem. Reducing the threshold between internet users and the crypto space. Expanding blockchain’s technology uses, aiming to be the most user-friendly Ecosystem, one which you’ll turn to when thinking of your next best investment. The Ecosystem’s plans don’t stop there.

The next phases for AGODers are to expand our influence and platform usage, becoming a multichain ecosystem and giving our platforms the opportunity to interact with different blockchain users, benefiting our community from the growth and sustainability this brings to all of us. Furthermore, we’ll be redefining key features of our ecosystem moving forward on popularity and expansion. AGOD Ecosystem will build its own blockchain allowing mass adoption and web3.0 related platforms and applications across DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, Real Estate and more.


Why us?

AGOD Ecosystem is more than a simple investment protocol. It is a tool for life; it is your gateway to the Crypto space without complications, without previous knowledge, fast and easy; it is a set of interconnected platforms; it is a global medium for launching ideas, dreams & goals.

Thanks to blockchain technology and the simplicity of investing with us, we can offer sustainable economic growth within all our platforms in the ecosystem.

With the new technological improvements and the increase in blockchain users around the world, AGOD Ecosystem believes it is here to change and improve our lives. In 2017, the blockchain was mostly applied as a monetary solution, an alternative system to centralized banking and government systems.

Now it has evolved into new blockchain applications and smart contracts in finance, supply chains, computing, storage, web3.0, and much more. Shaping the applications on a large scale and steadily moving into a global mass adoption.

This technology is the future, with a predicted growth at a CAGR of around 85.9% from 2022 to 2030. The industry is rapidly developing and influencing users worldwide.

Our mission is to expand adoption and reduce the threshold between new users and blockchain technology. Implementing all our efforts into providing blockchain solutions for mass adoption to larger amounts of users through our diversified platforms.


AGOD Ecosystem is here to help you solve this and to expand your investment portfolio. By combining real estate, startups, and capital investments with NFT’s, staking, and much more. Users will be able to earn more benefits within the entire ecosystem.

Providing stability and sustainability throughout the entire ecosystem, giving our token, our platforms, and our investments much more power in this evolving economy.

We are developing an ecosystem that allows people to connect with each other and generate well-being through startup funding, real estate, and blockchain investments. A space in which creatives and dreamers are able to exhibit their projects and benefit with great earnings.

AGOD Ecosystem is a multi-platform ecosystem based on blockchain technology that offers users great opportunities to invest in enabling their investments to work for them. Each platform is focused on a specific niche to give all users the proper diversification of the web3 environment.

  • Multi-platform ecosystem
  • No minimum investment required
  • Community Focused
  • Steady opportunities to invest in real world assets
  • Low fees
  • No experience required
  • Great Risk management

Built on Fantom

Fantom is a network of blockchains that provides ledger services to businesses and applications. Fantom is powered by Lachesis, an advanced DAG-based aBFT consensus algorithm. Blockchains built on Fantom are fast, secure, and highly scalable.

These features allow organizations, businesses, and individuals to develop decentralized applications that can be used in the real world, across a wide range of industries.

Fantom is a high-performance, scalable, EVM-compatible, and secure smart-contract platform.

Fantom’s mainnet deployment — Fantom Opera — is built on Fantom’s consensus mechanism, Lachesis. Fantom is a leaderless, asynchronous, and byzantine fault-tolerant Layer 1 blockchain protocol.

Lachesis enables Fantom to deliver fast transaction speeds, low transaction costs, and deterministic finality. This is achieved while remaining permissionless, decentralized, and open-source.

Fantom tackles the problem at the core: its high-speed consensus mechanism, Lachesis, allows digital assets to operate at unprecedented speed and delivers dramatic improvements over the current systems.

Unlike other solutions, Fantom does not sacrifice security and decentralization in favor of scalability.

Indeed, the advantages brought by Fantom are not merely pure performance; its modular architecture allows for full customization of blockchains for digital assets, with different characteristics tailored to their use-case.

The Genesis

Genesis, phase 1.0, the foundation of the AGOD ecosystem.

The AGOD token

Those who have acquired $AGOD from the private sale and until the first public sale, will be able to be part of the early adopters. AGOD Ecosystem knows early adopters are very important for the development and sustainability of the entire ecosystem, to benefit AGOD’s early adopters, the Ecosystem will be sharing better and exclusive benefits to holders of $AGOD tokens.

The Platforms

AGOD Ecosystem consists of 5 main platforms that offer users a full crypto integrated investment experience. In which users, investors, creators and dreamers will find diversified earning opportunities


All platforms will be connected in various ways with each other, either by providing a service, to acquire assets from a different platform or to obtain additional benefits through activities and competitions, being an interconnected Ecosystem, the main idea is for platforms to interact and support amongst each other and in return to benefit users and holders gaining growth through the Ecosystem. “All for one and one for all”, the key of success within the platforms




AGOD’s Ecosystem native token, built on the Fantom Network to provide fast, secure, and minimum transaction fees to all its users. All “AGOD Products” and Platforms are chained to AGOD Ecosystem’s Token $AGOD. Allowing users to interact among all platforms within the Ecosystem, thus achieving a sustainable and circulating economy within our Ecosystem.

AGOD Token will be used as well as the Ecosystem’s Cryptocurrency Exchange token, trading later on in Abloc Exchange; understanding that as more and more people use our Ecosystem’s platforms, the higher the demand for our AGOD token, becoming higher than the supply, since it has a limited supply, and it’s price on the exchanges will start to grow. Allowing holders to share the growth benefit of the Ecosystem.


Starting with a total supply of 200 million tokens to be reduced within time. AGOD structure will work by achieving a burning mechanism, performing a quarterly buyback from the secondary market, and burning the purchased amounts. This will be calculated on the ecosystem’s monthly performance and overall income. Creating a sustainable environment and stabilizing AGOD’s supply to 100 million by the end of the burning program.


One of the best features of the AGOD token is granting benefits to holders from shared rewards obtained by the ecosystem’s treasury, proportional to the amount of AGOD a user is holding. By holding certain amounts of AGOD, users will be able to earn a shared daily bonus of the ecosystem’s daily revenue.

Revenue will come from the Ecosystem’s main platforms, transactions and services. While the development of various Web 3.0-related platforms and applications across DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, Real Estate, Startups, continues.

20% of the fees generated are distributed to holders


AGOD’s structure is deflationary due to its BuyBack Mechanism.

Buybacks occur on a regular basis through Abloc Exchange in the secondary market, with the platform’s earnings, achieving the burning system throughout time. Having a deflationary mechanism helps reduce AGOD’s quantity to a total of 100 million, stabilizing its price with a higher value achieved.





  • For immediate release as of the public sale



  • 10,000,000 private sale
  • 10,000,000 pre-sale
  • 5,000,000 advisors



  • 45% lock-up for 1 year
  • 45% lock-up for 2 years
  • 10% lock-up for 3 years



  • No locked period


Team and Management

From big investors to mass adoption.. Marketing Perspective, Economy, Operational Systems and Developers

AGOD is a simple yet powerful universe of interconnected platforms combined with a great-minded team behind it. Resulting in a fast, reliable dynamic environment for users and investors to obtain great benefits from it.

Our Ecosystem was envisioned to maximize investments within blockchain technology services by promoting economic growth and development and facilitating the reach of every user worldwide.

Encouraging users to explore the crypto universe and expand their investment horizons and helping them find other ways of obtaining greater benefits in this evolving world.

AGOD was born as an idea; an ideal “to be an agent of change of mindset, a new lifestyle” through which people can become investors in entrepreneurship projects, an essential component for a smart investment ecosystem destined to promote the economic and social development in our communities and the rest of the world.

Making sure the supported projects have the right impact on a local level by transcending borders worldwide. Thus influencing in a positive way and creating a change of “mindset” in the family nuclei, promoting world-wide economic freedom and well-being.

Acquire AGOD soon, because only a limited quantity will be released for private acquisition. | AGOD Twitter | Abloc Twitter

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AGOD Ecosystem

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